Thursday, September 16, 2010


Early on Monday morning, I put my daughter on a coach at 3.30a.m. to go on a trip to Central Australia. I continued on down the Highway myself and caught the 6.10a.m. flight from Avalon to Sydney to visit my Aunt.
It just so happens, that she lives just 10 minutes away from the Craft Depot at Pennant Hills, so that was the only request I had when she asked me what I would like to do whilst I was visiting her.
Oh, there was something else, and that was
to have lunch with my Kindred Spirit, Rachel.
So, on Tuesday morning, we headed off to the
craft depot, and yes, I came out a bit poorer. I
bought all of these beautiful fabrics and the
pattern for the cup cake pincushion. I could
have really gone mad and bought lots more, but
no, I didn't.
Then, it was off to lunch with Rachel, her hubby Adam and one of their daughters Kiara. We enjoyed a lovely lunch together, and it turns out, that Rachel's uncle used to lunch with my uncle. How amazing is that.
One thing I did decide whilst I was in Sydney, is that I am glad that I don't have to live the life of hussle and bussle. Country life if definately the way to go, but it is nice to visit the big smoke from time to time, just to make you appreciate what we have around us.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This morning my hubby arrived home with
the mail, and amongst it was my copy of
Country Threads, Vol. 11 No 2.
Exciting because this one has a profile in
it, and lots of pictures of my work.

Here are some of them.
After a lovely browse of the magazine, I set about
making this little bag, which I have called Ada's
Bag. I have named it after my Nanna, who name
was Eileen Ruby Ada, but known as Ada.
It is for a class at McMahons in Colac and the
pattern will be available after the class has been

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Today, for Father's Day we took a road trip
to Geelong and had lunch on the Waterfront.
It was delightful, lovely food, great company
of the kids, and delightful view.

Before we sat in for lunch, and whilst we
were waiting for two of the kids to arrive,
we took a stroll along Western Beach.

It was the first time that I had actually
taken the time to check out what was
on offer along the watefront.

I was aware that these delightful carvings
were there for all to enjoy, but had never
realised how many of them there were.
I have only photographed some of them, and
they certainly are a work of art.
If you have not been to Geelong and checked
them out, you should do so some time.
Next visit I am going to have a walk along
Eastern Beach.
Why is it, that when things are at our back
door we don't take too much notice.