Sunday, May 30, 2010


I haven't forgotten my plastic coated bags. I have been very busy making them. To view them all, visit my Plastic Coated Bags Page.
Yesterday afternoon hubby and I enjoyed an afternoon of entertainment in Geelong. We went to see Russell Morris and Brian Cadd. We saw them last year and they were brilliant. Unfortunately Brian Cadd was unwell and couldn't perform, but Jimmy Keys from the old rock band Masters performed. It was a great afternoon at the Waterfront Cafe in Geelong.


It's so nice to have some water in the Beeac Lake. Aren't the reflections wonderful.

Don't you think this cow should be called Panda. I think so.

Then there are these two watching me over the stone wall.

I found this mushroom that my hubby enjoyed for breakfast yesterday morning.

These girls sure are full aren't they.

And this lot are a bit curious.

And of course this is a lovely site don't your think.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Yesterday I had a stall set up at the Celtic Festival in Birregurra. The atmosphere during the morning was lovely. It was a little cool, but the Irish dancers kept warm doing their Irish Dance. Their dance costumes were lovely and bright and it was lovely to watch. There were older girls dancing, this little girl and even two little girls younger than this. They were just gorgous.
Then of course, when the pipe band started playing a block away, and marched into the church grounds, it was magnificent. This is the Daylesford Pipe Band and they were just fantastic. They played just infront of my stall. Amazing Grace was magnificent.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


There have been some beautiful sunsets of late. When driving into Colac on Monday night to get my daughter from work this is the lovely site that I got to see, so I thought I would share it
with you.
It was so brilliant that I had to take two photos.

The thing that amazes me about cold frosty foggy mornings, is that you will alays see a perfect spider web to let us know that those clever little creatures have been out overnight doing their stuff.
Sunday evening was a beautiful evening for a walk, and when I got around the corner this is what I saw. It was just beautiful, the sun setting behind the trees.

As I got closer it was even more brilliant. Sadly, once I got past the trees and was able to view the full sunset it was absolutely magnificent, but the battery on my camera went flat so I could take no more photos to share with you. But never fear, the battery has since been charged and the next sunset I will be able to fully share with you and not keep a secret.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I just had to stop and take these photos on my way to work yesterday morning. Don't you think
they look contented, and what about the fog in the backgound. It was a lovely site.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


This bag is a good for everything bag -- shopping,
knitting, baby bag, beach, picnic etc. The lining once again is plastic coated and is a nice cream, brown and pink stripe.
Cost $45.00 plus postage.
See my contact details.

MAGOO by Melly and Me

Don't they look like they would get up to no
mischief. I made these for my nieces three
children, William, Abby and Ella.
The clever girls from Melly and Me designed them. I love making them in lots of bright and bold fabrics. And, who could resist that checky
grin on their faces.


This is my latest quilt. It is a French Braid quilt as you go. I used a Jelly Roll for this quilt and a couple of other fabrics. I also used the Trapesoid Non-Slip ruler to cut the braids.

I have called this quilt "Alan's Quilt", in memory of my cousin. It just happened that I finished the quilt at the time of his 10th Aniversary and so I decided to dedicate it to him.

The quilt is made for a single bed, but it would be easy to make larger if you want. It sits nicely on top of a double bed too.

Pattern available.

See my contact details.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


This is my Christmas Table Cloth for those of you
who would like to make an early start on

Once again, you will see the hexagons forming
the flowers which are appliqued on along with
appliqued holly leaves and berries, which are
small hexagons.

The vine is embroidered on. This makes a lovely
cloth for the centre of the table, or a small
Pattern available. See my contact details.

Monday, May 3, 2010


This is another plastic coated bag, just slight different coulouring than the last one. Bit more red and pink, where the previous one had more green
tones in it.

This one has the same measurements and is the same price as the previous one -- $45.00 plus postage if applicable.

See my contact details.


Today I am uploading a picture of my plastic coated bags. They are great for shopping, baby bags, knitting bags, beach bags, gym bags etc.
They are also plastic lined, so easy to wipe clean.
I like to use fun fabrics to make these bags, and over the next few days I will be uploading pictures of different ones as I make them.
This bags are for sale for $45.00 plus postage
if applicable. Measurements 17" wide by 13" deep. It also has fun matching fabric inside.
See my contact details.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Back from road trip to Wagga Wagga with a stop
over in Albury on the way there and on the way
back. Why is it that sad times always bring fun
times and reunions with people not seen for many
years. Friday was a beautiful sunny day in Wagga
to say goodbye to Kaye. The afternoon was spent
sitting in the garden of a cafe, reminising over old

Tonight we are having roast lamb for dinner, so I
thought that I would upload the picture of my dinner party table runner and placemats. The pattern gives instructions for the table runner and six placemats. They will dress up any table for a dinner party.

This pattern has been dedicated to my friend Judy, who lives in Canada.

Pattern available. See my contact details.