Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This morning I am uploading a picture of my
Yo-Yo Cushion. It is a nice simple cushion, and of
course the yo-yo's are made with the help of
the Clover Yo-Yo makers. If you have not used the yo-yo makers to make your yo-yo's you will
be suprised how simple they are, and what perfect yo-yo's you get.
After work today I am taking a road trip to Albury to stay with a girlfriend, then tomorrow we are off to Wagga Wagga to farewell our dear friend and ex-house mate. It will be a very sad day, but we have lovely memories of Kaye and we had lots of fun together all those years ago. The remaining three of us will be together for the first time in many years. Kaye will be with us in spirit.
Pattern available for Yo-Yo cushion. See my contact details.

Monday, April 26, 2010


I thought that today I would upload a picture of these giraffes that I have just finished making. They are not my creation, but designed by the very talented girls of Melly and Me. They are so much fun to make and look great made in lots of lovely bright fabrics.
It is a cool damp morning here again this morning. It is a very long time since we have had a start to Autumn like this one is. The farm is looking lovely and green and we hope for a better year this year.
Sadly I got the news yesterday that a dear friend of mine passed away. I have wonderful memories Kaye and will remember all the good times that we had sharing that house in
Graham Street, Wagga Wagga. R.I.P. my dear friend.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


One of my first chores today was to
make ANZAC BISCUITS for the
family. I might say that there are
not many left. Then the cooking
frenzy started the anzac biscuits
were followed by apple crumble and
apple slice, then two trays of lasagne
went into the oven and lastly the last
of the cooked apples from yesterday
were turned into apple pies. The freezer is
looking full.

The photo I have uploaded today is my embroidered cushion called SPRING FRAGRANCE, and I hope after doing some work
in my garden this afternoon that by spring time this is what I will have.

I love th hexagon shape and decided that a different garden emboidered in 6 small hexagons to make one large hexagon would look quite nice. The embroidery uses very easy stitches like
backstitch, chain stitch, french knots and buttonhole stitch, just to name a few.

This pattern has been dedicated to my friend Helen, who loves her garden.

The pattern is available. See my contact details.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Day 1 of the long weekend is over, and a
small amount has been achieved. The
cupboards and fridge are full after a grocery
shopping expedition this morning. Also
watched Eleanor play a game of netball
in between.

All the apples are cooked and some
sausage rolls made for the freezer.

Yucky cleaning chores tomorrow and
hopefully some gardening thrown in there
as well. Not to mention the ironing, which may have to wait until Monday.

La Chic Handbag is a must have in your
wardrobe. Everyone who sees it will want
one. I made one for a girlfriend, and she
has had people in Melbourne tap her on
the shoulder to ask her where she has got her handbag from. It looks great made in brights or pastel florals. Instead of the bow look, you can always just add a nice trim.
This pattern has been dedicated to my friend Heather, who loves handbags.
Pattern available. See my contact details.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Good morning, well after the lovely morning yesterday, we ended up having very heavy rain mid afternoon, which will be lovely to enable me to get "In My Garden" this weekend, weather being on my side.

This cushion is called "In My Garden" and it was my first design that I did a pattern for. I designed it in 2000 and it is still a popular seller. The centre panel is a nice easy stitchery design and the second border has back stitch embroidery as well. It is a nice easy and quick project to do.

I have dedicated this pattern to my friend Mary-Anne in Western Australia. Mary-Anne encouraged me to start designing my own projects. Thanks Mary-Anne.
Pattern is available. See my contact details.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It is a beautiful morning here on the farm.
So, that is the reason that I decided to add
the picture of my Birdhouse Blooms Bag.
I can hear the birds chirping and I am sure they
would love a birdhouse to rest in.

I hope it is a nice day where ever you are too.
Enjoy your day. I am off to work. See you

This pattern is dedicated to my friend Rachel, who collects birdhouses for her verandah. (I will have to find out if she still does.)

Pattern is available for this bag. See my contact details.


Day two of my blog, and I just had to add another
image so that I don' forget how to do this.

This bag is called Louisa's bag, and it was named
after all the lovely women in my previous
generations that have the name Louisa and in
particular my Mum, whose second name was

The centre panel is fabric woven, which is a fun
and interesting technique. It is a very stylish bag
with lots of room inside.

Patterns are available for this bag, see my contact details.

I hope you have all had a lovely day today, as I have. Oh, and Happy Birthday to my baby, she is 16 today and got her Learner's Permit this morning. Well done Eleanor.

We got some gorgous new fabrics in at the shop today, and I can't wait to put them into a project. The range is called "Frolic" by Moda and they are lovely bright orange, green, blue, brown and yellow. I just love the brown background one with the lovely little blue flowers on it. Oh, what can I make? Looks like I will have to dream about it.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Welcome to my new blog. This is all very new to me, so excuse me if I make any mistakes. The picture on the right is the first one that I have uploaded. This is by quilt called Bella. It is made with 45 x 2 1/2" strips, and has a lovely frill around the quilt to finish it off. The cushion has been made with the left over bits from the quilt. (That kept them out of the scrap basket.) The cushion also has a ruffled border on it, to match up with the frill around the quilt. This quilt has been very popular, and some of my girls have made it with adding a narrow border and a wider border and it looks lovely like that too.

It is very exciting to have a blog after thinking about it for such a long time, and as the days and weeks go by there will be lots more things added so, keep coming back to visit me and see what is happening next.

Well, it is off to cook dinner for the family and then head of to class. Back into it for term two.