Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wedding Invitations

It was my pleasure to be able to assist
Bethany & Ricky with their wedding

I sat down with them to discuss
what they might like.............

 From there I went about making up
 some samples for them to choose

You will see the theme of
the pretty doily.

And the theme of a sleve on the
invitatons to be able to slip the
RSVP card in with the invite.


 It was up to them to sit down and
 go through the samples.

Then get back to me once they
decided what they would like.

This is the invitation that
they decided on.


Along with handmade envelopes.           

Wedding Bags, coathangers and horseshoe

So the wedding I have been doing all the sewing for was on Saturday.  It was a beautiful wedding.

This is the horseshoe that I made for the bride.
Horseshoes are always the last minute sewing before a wedding - usually the night before.

These cute little bags were for the bridesmaids.
Their dresses were a beautiful floral and these
bags matched their shoes.  They looked lovely.

These pretty coathangers were for
    the bridesmaids to hang their
                   dresses on.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mother of the bride bags...................

My daughter's girlfriend mother could not find a bag to match her shoes, so she gave me her shoes and off I went looking for fabric to match the shoes.

I found this fabric and the gorgeous button and made this bag for her.

 Then I decided to make this
 one too, so she could have a

 I wonder which one she will choose?