Saturday, October 20, 2012

IT ALL TAKES TIME..........................

Well, time has got away, and life has been busy.
I have been making cards, and these are the latest
ones.  I love poppies, so when this lovely stamp came out
in the new Stampin Up catalogue, I just had to have it.
I am working on some others too, so stay tuned.

These cards, are just nice simple ones, with a bit of

The family were home a couple of weeks ago, so I
got the bread flour out and did some break baking.
A focacia for lunch and a fruit loaf for breakfast.

Last weekend, I made this yummy pumpkin and ginger
pie for sweets.  It went down a treat.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


When we get beautiful days to go out for a walk................

The calves are out grazing and growing.....................

The cape weed is flowering...................
(I wonder if the little girls today still make daisy chains?)

And we can enjoy nice salads for lunch or dinner...........

Monday, October 1, 2012


Around 4 years ago when I went to a craft show in Melbourne
I signed up to do a pincushion of the month club with the lovely
ladies of Quilted Crow in Hobard.  The first two arrived --

This Gourdy Pear Woollen Pincushion......

I made one of these for myself and got some more wool
from the girls and made one for one of my daughters, one for
a friend and one for my Kindred Spirit Rachel.  I had enough
felt left over to make another one for a gift for a special person
one day, and I think I know after 4 years who that person will be.

I made the Strawberry Woollen Pincushion......

Plus I got some extra wool and made another one for a
friend and another one for my Kindred Spirit.

I also got some extra wool for all of the remaining 4 pincushions
and made them for my Kindred Spirit, and guess what I did
with the res of mine.  Yep, I put them in a bag and put them aside
to start a new project (but I don't remember what that was -- it could
be unfinished too!!!)

So, just about a week ago, I got the bag out, and now they
are all finished. 

This one is the Little House on the Prairie Woollen Pincushion.

It has 6 of these little prairie flowers appliqued around the
gusset of the pincushion.

This one is Cltic Flower Woollen Pincushion......

and it has this lovely wavey piece of wool attached with
french knots.

This one is Autumn Harvest Woollen Pincushion....

it has these cute little pumpkins needle felted in the gussett
of the pincushion.

This is the Folky Heart Woollen Pincushion........

and it has this lovely scalloped edge buttonholed on
with an antique button stitched onto each scallop.

Each pincushion also had some needlefelting on it.
They were so much fun to do, and it is a great feeling to
know that they are now finished.