Sunday, April 29, 2012


 Yes, finally after all this time, the quilt "Long Road" is finished.  I completed it on Saturday afternoon for Toby to take back to Mildura with him.

So, it went back with him yesterday, and maybe it is now on his bed............

On Friday night we went to Geelong for Toby's Graduation Ceremony.  This is a first for me, as he is the first one of the kids to graduate from University.  We were sitting right up the back, and to look down on all the graduates in there hats was quite a site.

This photo was take of Toby after his Graduation Ceremony.  So, he is all finished with Uni now too ---- or for the time being anyway.  Who knows if he will go back and study again.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


On Tuesday I went on a bus trip to Bendigo to see the Grace Kelly Collection.  It was lovely to see all the beautiful clothes, shoes, sunglasses, glasses and hats that she used to wear.  Her wedding gown was absolutely beautiful.  Some of her gowns didn't look much on the model, but once you looked at the photograph of her in them, they were beautiful.

After we saw the Collection, we had a lovely lunch at the cafe right next door to the Art Gallery, then guess what happened to be just up the next block -- Lil Bloke.  How could we not go and have a look and lighten the wallet or put some weight onto the cedit card.  Here are the goodies that I bought.

Wednesday was Anzac Day, and we just had a quiet day at home. 

Yesterday was a big day in out household, our youngest got her "P" plates.  She drove herself home from school yesterday, then back into rehersals last night and into school again today.  Now it is time for me to get my life back into some sort of routine, and catch up on some much neglected house work and time for more stitching and cardmaking.

This afternoon we are off to Geelong for our Son's graduation, so hopefully I might have a pic of that for you tomorrow.

Friday, April 20, 2012

ALMOST THERE...................

and it's been a long road. I bought the fabric for this quilt to make for our eldest, Toby, for his 18th birthday. And guess what, the fabric stayed in the cupboard until he was almost 21, when I got it out and made the top up for his 21st birthday. There is stayed for some time, all put together ready to quilt. Toby will be 23 in August, so I don't think I have done too badly to have put the last quilting stitch in it last night.

I am now ready to put the binding on, and our youngest turns 18 today, and is having some girlfriends out for a bbq tonight, so whilst I am sitting up waiting for them to be ready for bed, I think I might be lucky enough to machine the binding on, so that it is ready to be handstitched down.

Toby will be home from Mildura this week, as he graduates from uni -- journalism. (He is working for the Sunraysia Daily in Mildura), so I am going to have the quilt ready for him to take back with him this trip.

Appropriate name: "Long Road", don't you think!!!! Can you imagine the label on the quilt to tell the story.

Oh, and I forgot to say, that when I was making the quilt, I did the binding at the same time, and guess what, I cannot find it. So, yes I have to make another one. Someday when I do find the binding that belongs to this quilt, I will be able to use it on another quilt.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter has been and gone for another year. We stayed put, it is a very busy time on the roads and we tend to stay off the roads when it is a busy time.

Having said that I did work (at my paid job) Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday evening. Boy is the tax man going to like me. So, that meant that I had to have evening meals prepared before I went to work, so I spent most of the weekend cooking, but so enjoyed it as I had time to cook up a storm, so to speak.

Speaking of storms, there was a beauty on Friday evening, right when I was leaving to go to work, and half way into town, got held up, as a tree had split and had fallen across the road. Lucky there were no cars going by at the time. Didn't take long for a few young men with muscles to pull the tree off the road.

Yesterday before I went to work, I sat down and made these coffee clutches which I had an order for. Yes, Collingwood supporters. Well, I know they will have nice warm coffee at the footy during the colder months, which are on the way.

The colder months ahead certainly started yesterday. We lit our wood fire for the first time. It is a little crisp this morning too, so I have fired it up again. Later in the week we are again to have temperatures up in the high 20's, so I guess no fire going then!!!