Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO...................

It has been a while since I have updated what is going on....
but I have been a little bit busy I have to say.

I have been busy making cards.......

These are some gift tags that I made for Tanya at
Sassy T (in paitright) in Colac.  They have proven
to be very popular, and I will be working on some
more for her.

Some small gift cards also made for Sassy T.  Lovely
bright colours.  These have also proven to be very popular
and I will be making more of these too.

I also made a selection of Mother's Day gift cards for Tanya.
This is just one of them, and I loved playing with the technique I
used to make these.

If you buy a gift from Tanya at Sassy T. for your Mum for
Mother's Day, you will get one of my handmade gift
cards free with your purchase.

At the moment, I am working on getting some samples to
Wedding invitations together for my nephew's wedding in

I am also making some cute little coin purses, and will post
those pics when I have them all made.

I will also be back to show you some photos of some
lovely sunrises and sunsets that I have been taking.
Computer is a bit slow at the moment (technology) so
can only handle a little bit at a time.  It must be a male!!!